Weekly Progress

For the week of: May 16th to May 22nd

Last Updated: May 15th 4:05 PM

Writing: Working on three short stories! One of them might be flash fiction. There’s “Clarissa” which I’m taking a break from. And then there’s my two new babies — “The Trailer People” and the “Lazy Complex” (these are all tentative titles)

Story I am Reading: In A Grove by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. It’s a Japanese short story about a murder… or maybe a kidnapping (I’ll have to find out). I’m reading it because I’m studying POV and this story is told in multiple first person.

Submissions: Deleted.


Maybe it was the madness from spring allergies or maybe it was spring fever (if that’s even a thing). Either way, it was while I was in the midst of April, that I decided to set some goals for myself. I’m signing a contract with myself that I will try my very best to successfully complete all of these goals. Contract terminates in September.

WRITING: 500 words a day/4 days or more a week

(I had a little trouble deciding the following, but I’ve made up my mind that these 500 words are going to be strictly fiction during my “writing” weeks. Blogging and journaling will only count on weeks where I am still planning or editing. Either way, 500 words/day are required.)

READING: A story a week (one, two, three)

SUBMISSIONS: Deleted. I’m going to stop focusing on getting published and continue working on writing.



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  1. Natasha
    May 17, 2010 @ 03:24:28

    Greetings! I noticed your story over on Critique Circle, and thought I’d say hello. I’m looking forward to hearing a fellow writer’s thoughts. Good luck with the stories! :)


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