Tagging Trouble

My last post was not tagged, and that’s a problem I want to put an end to.

I’ve been browsing a variety of literary blogs and I see all these writers with such accurate, specific tag names and I’m just dumbfounded. It should be simple, but my perfectionism, which comes and goes, is currently at its peak and is not letting me do this the easy way.

Really, the creation of tags should be something that you do along the way because who can foresee what you’ll be writing about in a week or in a month? But I want to create at least 10 tags right now as I’m feeling kind of antsy about the whole thing.

Some tags I’ve seen that I’ve liked (and will be stealing):

Process, Craft, Writing Tips, Lit Business, Research, Inspiration

Some tags that I’ll think I’ll use (or have used):

1. Setting

2. Plot and Synopsis

3. Character

4. Work-In-Progress (or should I use Projects?)

5. Recommendations (which would include novels, magazines, websites, blogs, etc)

6. Rejection/Submission (or should these be separated?)

7. Voice

8. Beginnings/Endings

9. Proofreading and Rewriting

10. Blogging Issues


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